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The Alien conundrum, when will we be informed?   Leave a comment

Television is largely used to influence our minds in a variety of ways, the people controlling it use the science of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to more or less program our minds to think the way they want us to so that we will respond accordingly and perform the appropriate actions. Eighty percent of the people alive are susceptible to NLP, so chances are you’re one of them. If you are catching a certain word or catch phase on news shows and talk shows across the board, you are being subjected to it’s application. One of the very base forms of NLP is repetition, commercials are a good example of this. I’ve actually had people say to me that commercials don’t work, but if they didn’t work do you really think that companies would spend billions of dollars making and broadcasting them 24 hours around the clock?What do you think made Miss Cleo wealthy? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her charm or the amazing psychic advise she dispensed to the weirdos, flakes, pot heads, tweekers and freaks watching her every night at three in the morning wondering how they are going to die…it’s the endless repetition. So I have a theory that events that are happening now are prefaced by a string of subconscious media jargon designed to prepare us for the next big world affecting event and/or government ass fucking we are about to receive. To prove this theory I am going to pick big historical events and compile a file of media that preceded that event and then cross reference it and try to deconstruct everything to find the hidden agendas and messages.

To get to the point of this blog, you know that when something becomes a staple in our media diet, that it is because the dragos are prepping our minds to accept what will eventually become our reality. I have noticed in recent years that Aliens and UFO’s have been very prevalent in our media culture and I believe it is because an alien race will be introduced into our realities within the next ten years or so. It’s just a matter of allowing the media undercurrent to permeate the psyche of our culture so that we are ready to accept it without it resulting in mass hysteria. The government could be in cahoots with them, or they could just know what is coming, but they know a lot more then they ever let us know and anybody in the know knows that. We are the people that they keep in the dark until they are ready to sneak up on us and yell boo. Creepy government.

You may be thinking to yourself at this point that I am a fruitloop and that aliens don’t exist anymore then the boogie man or peter pan do, but I know from personal experiences I have had that in fact they do exist. There are a number of reasons that, if you don’t already, you should to. Let’s start with the basics. Scientifically speaking, given the number of planets, stars, galaxies and univai that exist it is more or less a mathematical impossibility that life doesn’t exist somewhere else in the univai. Just within our sight we have found no less then six earth-like planets that may have the necessary traits required to host carbon based life forms. Another reason to believe is that there are references to aliens and ufo’s and pictures and information that could easily be construed as aliens and ufo’s in many ancient cultures. Beyond that, there are many people around the world who have witnessed a ufo up close and personal including yours truly. I can discount a lone kook saying “duh I saw a ufo george”, but can you really discount a multitude of sightings around the world that have been seen simultaneously by hordes of people?…I think not!

Disclaimer: Everything said in this blog is absolutely as true as anything the government tells you. We can not be held responsible for the overpowering euphoria that rips through your soul like a phallic bullet train on a one way rampage to boom town when you follow these links to shangri-la ABSOLUTELY FREE!! and buy something. All proceeds go to support a lost cause. Thank you for loitering:)


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