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I’ve only seen one episode so far, but you’ve got a love a show that has a bad Angel that goes back in time and un-sinks the Titanic because he doesn’t like the movie and wants to make Celine Dion an unknown alcoholic lounge singer so that he never has to hear that song again. Beyond the fact that I tend to strongly agree, that’s just plain hilarious writing! In the episode I saw, they also had a couple a rather humorous deaths at the hands of fate (as in causes the fate of men) a woman scorned by the show’s heroes because they ruin her career as fate. I also really liked that they didn’t pull any punches and try and pretty everything up, life is messy and people we love do die sometimes. There were a couple of lame parts in the show, such as when they’re trying to avoid being killed by fate and there were some jugglers in a park juggling knives and fire and the show tried to pretend that there was no way for the heroes to avoid walking directly between the two jugglers during their act. In reality you’d have to be either part of the act or a real Dick to walk right through someone’s performance, not to mention that it was a Park with plenty of room to walk around the entire act and its audience. I’m totally willing to forgive such minor indiscretions though, for such otherwise brilliant writing. The show is in its seventh season, so I have plenty of shows to catch up on, oodles and oodles of viewing pleasure. If you’re a fan of dark humor and sci-fi, I highly suggest you check out the show. It looks like it should be a virtual banquet of geeky goodness.
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