rachel uchitel raises silver prices and feigns bane to get casey anthony released from jail for minnesota twins   Leave a comment

Traveling like bags and in the sea of hope you know, cracks of the world falling behind losing the disturbing texture of reality. Dream traveling to destinations unknown sparks flying out my drawers, dreamboat Susie shoots her shotgun in paragraphs. Boom from the mountain, boom from the sky, gastric thunder of life permeating my love, flabbergasted cockamamie I chicken walk through unknown dimensions. I touched the stars and their private parts, I have been to a 1000 black holes, eaten 6000 dirty souls, and sympathized with an old pair of boots on an uninhabited planet that have been there so long that nobody sees them anymore. They’re part of landscape that exists, as far as I know, only in my mind. Snoop’s action daddy whacker wants a baby biscuit and who hoosegow. Don’t sassafras my key daddy man, don’t insult me with your crazy bird call. We don’t care, the restriction is there but we can feel the endless madness of your mathematics and nothing adds up but the singular singularity. It’s the people, we are in ages of popping storage IAI IAI IAI Slavic boo-boo verruca Bobs about in a little douche coup with Leviathan savages. The marathon jungle staggers about, the sagging breasts of the tribe working like street cleaners on a 12 hour high. Darwin where art thou, hast thou forsaken us? Bumbershoot avalanche endarkens all, storm porn comin’ all steampunk willy-nilly like a bullet train to the brain. Lizards crawling through fallopian tubes with slobber bottoms…who can stop them? Who’d want to? No one can see the beginning, none can predict the end, STOP……….now.


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