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Today on Hiraldo – Indentured husbands

I found These wonderful little ditties at my local Walmart. Is it just me, or is this a hilarious social commentary on marriage? “I’m gonna drag your ass to the alter and if you don’t say “I do”, I’m gonna punch you right in your lilly livered mouth!”. It’s as if society is giving the old thumbs up for bridezillas. Is this really something we should be encouraging? I really kind of feel that watching that show “bridezillas” is like making fun of the mentally ill. Should they be getting married or getting committed? Is there even a difference?

If bridezillas are Godzilla-like brides, does that make grooms like frightened little Japanese men who are running away and screaming in fear yelling “OH NO BRIDEZIWA!” hoping they don’t get squashed by this out of control monster? Probably. Don’t be afraid little groom. Thankfully women like that are in the minority…I think. These remind me of that old cartoon with the cracky hillbilly chick who always says “I’m gonna get me a maan!”


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