Flying cars in St. Petersburg florida?   1 comment

St. Petersburg, FL – The federal government says a flying car called the Transition is street legal. The company that makes the vehicle, Terrafugia, expects the Transition to hit the road or air late next year.

Priced at roughly $250,000, Terrafugia says they have already pre-sold 100 of the vehicles.

Richard Gersh, the V.P of Business Development for Terrafugia says Florida is one of their top states for pre-orders.

Gersh would not reveal how many people in Florida have pre-ordered one of the flying cars, only that the company requires a $10,000 security deposit.

The Transition was cleared by the FAA last year.

Terrafugia has been developing the flying car since 2008.


It feels as though there is going to be a catch here, like a “We said they were street legal, not air legal” or “wait a minute sir, before you take off where’s your pilot license?”. It makes me wonder if who ever is behind getting this article out there has a stake in the Terrafugia. It will be interesting to see what ensues when 100 flying cars take to the air in St. Petersburg.

Flying cars, it’s about time!

Check it out on the link above. It’s pretty cool, but it is more like a car that converts into a little airplane


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One response to “Flying cars in St. Petersburg florida?

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  1. WOW… Wonder if these will ever make mass construction?

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