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 Ok, the first thing you need to know about this movie is who stars in it, two mega-pop star has beens. Tiffany, of mall tour fame, and Debbie Gibson of “other crappy pop star fame. Just the idea of putting these two in a movie together is hilarious in itself, but the movie did not disappoint either. Can you say hillarious cat fight? I was about the farthest thing you can get from a tiffany fan, I couldn’t even bring myself to go to a mall concert for all of the easily manipulated flock of dunder-snooch that would most certainly be in attendance. How do I know what type of girls would be in attendance? It’s a Tiffany concert. Girls who were into Tiffany were more plyable then silly putty. It was the only crowd that Jedi mind tricks actually worked on. I think that this is a great direction for Tiffany though, she’s not a great actor by any means, but she’s not horrific either, her deliveries are entertaining and she’s got an amazing set of blouse popping wobblers. I have to say, I am a fan now. Maybe I just love an underdog, but Tiffany is fighting her way back from an anomaly that spells certain doom for most people, a tigerbeat preteen pop career. You could smell her stardom falling from its inception. Kudos to you Tiffany.

Now, I have personal conflict with Debie Gibson. When I had my town car business in St. Petersburg, I drove her around for a whole night. She was supposed to pay me $380 for the night, with tip I was figuring $420 +! When I dropped her off at the hotel, she told me her assistant would come out and pay me in a few minutes. No one ever came out…Debbie Gibson had stiffed me! That being said, I enjoyed her in the movie as well. It’s true she ripped me off, but I don’t really hold onto the past much, and as I said, I love an underdog. Her acting seemed to be a little more seasoned then Tiffany’s as well.

This movie had plenty of the essential elements of a good bad schlock fest. Half baked cg effects, bad writing, the two wanna-divas were utilized well, and it was all tied together with a hunger satisfying ending. If you enjoy campy cheese-blowing movies as I do, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is a must see. Watch for the song lyrics inserted in as dialogue…hilarious. A big fireman bill laugh to that.


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