Microsoft buys Skype service for $8.5 billion   Leave a comment

Great… There goes that service. Microsoft is like Midas and the anti-Midas all once, whatever they touch turns to gold for them and shit for us. Thanks Microsoft. Bill Gates has got his fingers all up in America’s hair pie. Aren’t you rich enough bill? You don’t have to crush everything that’s free you know. Listen, I’m not saying you’re an all bad guy or anything like that, in fact I know that you donate a lot of your money to good causes. I’m just saying let your hacker ethic do the driving once in a while. Maybe if you just concentrated on what made you a kabillionaire in the first place we wouldn’t have any douche bag debacles like Windows Vista going on.

You took it over, you probably have plans for it, but let me just say this to you. Bill, do me a favor, this is your old buddy Shane speaking here, don’t make Skype all about making a dime. Leave Skype to Skype calls free, just as they have always been. Do you remember that time in college when we are at that park, and those guys started threatening us and then they let lose their three pit bulls on us and we ran in jumped on top of my cousins car. You were wearing like boat shoes or something and scared shirtless yelling at the top your lungs. Do you remember? who saved your ass? It was mean Joe and me wasn’t it. I was wearing those big old fireman boots that were like two sizes too big for me, and mean Joe was wearing his combat boots, and we stood in front of you furiously kicking those fucking dogs off the roof for about 10 minutes until those jack wads finally called off their dogs because they were afraid we would hurt them. Think about that when you’re trying to decide how much to charge people to talk to each other. Dude, you remember my mom, you used to like her. Well now she lives in Ireland, and the only way I can talk to her is with skype. Don’t fuck my mom dude! Oh, and also remember “giant robot”. If it wasn’t for “giant robot”, you probably wouldn’t even be where you are today and that came from me. Put that in your pie and eat it!


Posted May 11, 2011 by Salty Dawg Salvage in Uncategorized

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