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this show is bad ass! I’ve always liked Christian Slater, I have been a fan ever since “Heather’s” and a number of years back I had the great fortune to hang out with him in my beater 30 foot motorhome when he happened to wander onto my land in St. Johns Arizona. He was very down to earth, very cool, and exceedingly generous. Unlike Jon Voight, who is a total Dick in person. Offhand I can’t think of anything really bad he’s done, but breaking in rocks! This show takes the cookie Puss, it’s geekcentric, riddled with references, and more fun than an orgy of flying monkeys. The last couple of shows he did, it seems, weren’t really good vehicles for him. This show however, will be. My prediction is, that this show will be on for a good long time. The cast is great, the writing is excellent, it’s witty as fuck, everything is pretty much right on. As long as they continue doing what they’re doing, I can’t imagine the show won’t be a hit. Although, what they choose to leave on the air, and what they take off, never ceases to amaze me. I mean seriously, how can a show like “the riches” be shut down in the first season, and then a show like “small wonder” is left on to desecrate the airwaves for umpteen gazillion years? Dear television executives, the blockage in your colon… Is your brain. Please do the world a favor and crap it out, cleaned off and put it back in your au gratin potato head. Thank you…NEXT!! but I digress, if you haven’t seen it, or even heard of it, you must watch it. It’s pretty much my new favorite show. you must watch it watch it watch it! Sheeple of the planet Earth, I implore you, you must watch this show. Don’t let this be another firefly tragedy, is it too much to ask that we keep good programming on the air? I think not.


Posted May 11, 2011 by Salty Dawg Salvage in Uncategorized

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