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CIA spy commercials
on my way home tonight I heard a creepy commercial coming out of my radio. It was a commercial for the CIA that was basically advertising for spies. It said something like, live in other countries, go to exotic locations and collect information for the CIA. Really? Spy for the CIA? On the radio? Weird. Is the CIA having trouble getting spies these days? I’ve never in my life heard the CIA advertise on the radio. Just makes them sound hard up for people willing to do that work. I kind of find it hard to believe. Maybe not though, there is a serious creep factor to it, but still I would think a lot of people would find it exciting. Either way, I wouldn’t think they’d have to advertise on the radio for it. I always imagined that it was the type of job people would be lining up. Back in the day, when I was a little prepubescent gum monkey, I myself had a strong desire to be a spy. I studied all things clandestine profusely, but after reading several books about the CIA I became greatly disillusioned. I found a lot of the operations they engage in were questionable at best. If everyone saw the world from my perspective, then I guess I really wouldn’t have any trouble seeing why the CIA might have trouble recruiting enough morally bankrupt people to do some of the morally bankrupt jobs required. Every group, of course, has its good and bad and I’m sure there are people who become agents for the CIA with the best of intentions. The question that remains is, can they stay that way. I have to hope there will be some who don’t abuse their power or become corrupt, but I also imagine that it would be hard not to do in that environment. I mean once you take orders from a superior without question, you’ve kind of surrendered your freedom to what you consider a higher power. Anyway, I found it strange, if you want to check it out for yourself you can go to Dig the depravity.


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