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Banks are evil. If you don’t know it outright, you probably feel it in your soul. How can you not? They charge you to use your own money and spend a considerable amount of time thinking up new ways to charge you and sneaky dirty ways to fine you. They create “rules” that only they know and hide them like nano-scopic easter eggs in a rainforest of paper work and when you can’t find them they jump out and point at you and yell “ha!!! you owe us $30.00!” then laugh maniacally all the way to the…bank. It’s like in hitchhikers guide when the Vogons blow up earth to make way for a new hyperspace bypass because we didn’t contest the plans which were on display for everyone to see on Betelgeuse five…you can’t get there from here. Figuring out infinite ways to bilk the population of the entire world out of their meager pittance of hard earned wages is only the tip of the assberg though. They finance wars, destroy economies, control populations, and generally skip merrily around the globe reeking havoc on the lives of the thronging masses that they enslave so that they can sit on their yachts with champagne and caviar and engage in horrific acts of defilement to perpetuate human misery…I’m just saying…

They stand here on earth like the rest of us, but their egos span the universe like a dark cloud obscuring the beauty of all things good and pure. This economic catastrophe we are in the midst of? For the Banksters or bilderbergs of New World Order infamy, it’s just a planned cycle that has been repeated again and again throughout history. A standard practice in which they loan out the money they have in the bank on paper over and over until only about ten percent of the money they loaned out is actually represented, then they crash the economic infrastructure, repossess all of the booty and then get bailed out (currently by the federal reserve which they created) which in the end is us! They basically make money using our money to make money (when we put it in the bank), charge us to use our own money (while we have it in the bank), make money off of loaning us money (at loan shark rates of course), make money taking back all of the stuff we can’t afford because of the ridiculous rates and penalties (once they’ve crashed the economy), and then make their biggest boon of money when they cry bail out and soak up the wealth of entire nations! It is the biggest scam in history, past, present or future…well hopefully not future, but you get the idea. Don’t take it from me though, take it from the economic experts of the world. There’s a book called “the creature from Jekyll Island: a secound look at the federal reserve” that gives you the in depth lowdown on the criminal activities of these degenerate traitors to humanity. If you read this book your sock will disintegrate into a puff of smoke, your eyes will spontaneously teleport to another dimension, your hair will turn old lady blue and braid itself and your brain will crap your skull and die. That is to say, you won’t believe how evil banks are…did I mention that banks are evil? I could rant all year on this, but I shall end it here for now lest I end up popping like an overfed tick from the sudden deluge of high blood pressure brought on by the evilness of banks. Can ya tell they kinda piss me off?



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