Dear No ordinary family, please use your super powers to kill your show   Leave a comment

I can not begin to tell you how sick to death I am of super hero shows/movies like “No Ordinary Family” that prattle and whine on and on about what a curse or burden it is to be saddled with their super powers! Waa waa waa!, I’m the fastest woman in the world, it causes me so many problems. I’m stronger the a hundred men, whatever will I do? Well boo fricken hoo, how terrible it must be to have such a great advantage over everyone else in the entire world! Who in real life would really complain if they could say, run faster then the eye can see or read minds? Not me that’s for sure! what is that crap? What is this trend of focusing on all of the negative possibilities of having super powers, I think I would be overrun with joy myself. I’d be like “Fuck yeah! I’m gonna go experience the universe like no one has ever experienced it before” not “Why me! These powers are ruining my life”. How? With great power comes great stupidity? You know what’s ruining my life? Wasting way to many hours watching your show. I really wanted to like this show to, because I am a geek and I really love sci-fi and fantasy. A good super hero story? I’m all in, but I don’t want to hear about how hard it is for you to cope with your good fortune. Don’t want the powers? Give them to me, I will use them to kick your ass and rid the world of bad writers plotting to turn everyone into some giant stew pot of tween mellow drama gumbo. Who writes this tripe anywho? Mini van driving safety Nazi soccer moms with their heads so far up the asses of every one elses business that they think they discovered a new world? Get over it and let’s get on with the show.
there are things I like about this show and I would watch it if I could tolerate yet another group of super complainers, but alas, I can’t. What are they going to do next, have a super hero contemplating suicide and calling the suicide hotline, and maybe even trying to kill themselves over and over but failing miserably because their powers are so super that they can’t. it’s the next step in the downward spiral of super hero story evolution.
I want to see danger, I want to see action, I want to see technology, and alien beings/monsters all wrapped up in well written juicy story you can sink your mind into and savor it like a jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and smothered in hollandaise sauce…YUM!
While I’m at it, another recent trend in sci-fi/fantasy that is deplorable is the extraordinarily slow pace of story development not to mention the need to have tense music eternally playing in the back ground. That’s what I want, to sit there for an hour while virtually nothing happens and listen to some music that leaves me in desperate need of some muscle relaxers and a trip to cheap charlies ringading massage parlor for a round of shiatsu with a happy ending. I think the last sci-fi tv show I really really liked was Fire Fly and as we all know they took it off of the air in it’s infancy. I wanted to like Star gate Universe to, but once again they chose to focus on the melodrama rather then what was really cool about the show…the space ship and the adventure of being out there in the universe where anything could happen. I did like the geek character and the doctor though. I don’t know, I just feel that these shows could have so much more to offer and wish they would leave all of the tweeny melodrama crap to Disney. Oh yeah, and really SGU? Really? A court room show in the first season? Isn’t that something they usually pull out when they are stumped for idea’s because the show has outlived it’s life span and they’ve already done every other standard stinker? I could have gone forever without seeing a courtroom episode in space. Hey, we’re on an incredible space ship powered by the stars and we’ve got the universe at our finger tips, I’ve got an idea, lets engage in petty squabbles and recreate the same rotten and failing systems that suck on earth to taunt and torture each other with in space. News flash: in the future everyone is still a bunch of moronic self centered dicks looking for some assholes to fuck with…oh goody!

Disclaimer: Everything said in this blog is absolutely as true as anything the government tells you. We can not be held responsible for the overpowering euphoria that rips through your soul like a phallic bullet train on a one way rampage to boom town when you follow these links to shangri-la ABSOLUTELY FREE!! and buy something. All proceeds go to support a lost cause. Thank you for loitering:)


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